Cooking roosters on a stick

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A delicacy familiar to many since childhood. Usually it called "cockerel", however, the lollipop can be made in the form of a squirrel, bunny, fish, etc. It all depends on the candy molds that have been made since USSR.

Recipe for roosters on a stick at home involves the use of any form. If there are no Soviet ones, they can be bought at hardware store or use silicone molds, intended for the manufacture of chocolate, biscuits or cakes. In the end in the end, you can just make the caramel mass thicker and spread it on a plate with a spoon in the form of droplets.

Classic rooster recipe stick


The traditional recipe for homemade roosters does not the presence of expensive ingredients. The basis of these sweets is sugar. Since sugar syrup hardens very quickly, it should be prepare everything you need: molds and sticks for lollipops. Can be used toothpicks, small bamboo skewers, mini canes from chupa chups, or sticks from ice cream.

Also pay attention to the cookware caramel. It should be enameled, small, but deep. Can use metal ladle.


  • 3 tablespoons Sahara;
  • 1 tablespoon water;
  • 0.5 teaspoon apple cider vinegar.

Steps cooking:

  • Blend everything Ingredients.
  • Put the pot on medium heat. Necessary stir constantly syrup.
  • After the sugar is completely dissolved, the bottom will start rise bubbles. At this point, set the minimum fire and bring the mass to golden colors.


IMPORTANT! Under no circumstances should it be brought to a boil. caramel can crystallize.


Understand that caramel is gothwow, you can do it in a simple way: dip the spoon into the syrup and lift it up - the mass should stretch like threads. You can also throw a drop into cold water - it will turn into ball.

Pour syrup into molds, leaving as is freeze.

To vary the taste, you can add to the container ginger, vanilla or honey

This homemade lollipop recipe isn't very complicated, but natural ingredients. These sweets can be made as a gift or just delight loved ones with your culinary creation. If you like to cook be sure to develop your talent, try new things and improve! We are glad share this recipe with you, but we still recommend cooking under watching someone from adults.

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