Sizzling bath bombs

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Another great idea is to take a bubble bath! Making a bath bomb is an interesting activity, and you will definitely like the result. It's all about magic bubbles! The hissing effect of the bombs is due to the combination acids and alkalis. Therefore, lemon and soda are suitable for the base. Rest additives depend on the desired effect and your fantasy.

sizzling bombs

Let's start with the simplest base recipe that can be used for children's games in the bathroom. Learning to make a foundation bombs, then you can experiment with flavors, creating unique flavors!

Us will need:

•citric acid - 2 tablespoons spoons

• soda - 4 tablespoons spoons,

• coarse salt - 8 canteens spoons •vegetable oil (any) •gloves

Important. Soda should always be 2 times more than citric acid, only in this case we will ensure the correct effervescence.

What do.

Citric acid, baking soda and salt carefully, within a few minutes, rub and mix in a cup. We make sure it doesn't lump! Now gradually add the oil, rubbing the mass with your hands. Mixture should be plastic, but at the same time dryish. No need to strive plasticine consistency. The resulting mass is tightly rammed in advance prepared container. At home, forms are perfect for this. for baking cupcakes or for freezing ice, you can also make balls hands or use plastic packaging from Kinder Surprise. In order for the workpiece to fit denser, you can add a little alcohol to it. This will hydrate the mixture. and tamp down better. It is necessary to use alcohol, in no case use water for this - it will start the reaction, and alcohol will not no impact. Plus, it will evaporate quickly. Now leave your bath bombs set on few hours. After that, we easily remove them from the molds, and they are ready for application! It is enough to throw a bomb in the bathroom, as she begins hiss, highlighting the set bubbles!

bath bombs

Multiple Recipes fragrant bombs for bathroom

General idea of ​​flavoring bombs is as follows: there is a basis (we made with their own hands a little higher), to which aromatic components (for example, essential oils) and possibly somedyes.

K the choice of oil should not be thoughtlessly approached, because they have a different effect. For example, olive oil is good for dry skin, while coconut or almond for oily. Lavender is soothing and relaxing, while citrus oils invigorate and lead tone.

Essential oils should be added drop by drop. At By adding essential oils to the base, the bomb may start to sizzle. IN In this case, you need to quickly mix the mixture. If it doesn't work, add some soda.

Ah, lavender!

lavender bath bomb

A soothing bath bomb is based on lavender. Add a few drops to the base lavender oil and purple food coloring.

• citric acid - 2 tablespoons spoons

• soda - 4 tablespoons spoons

• sea salt - 8 tablespoons spoon

• vegetal oil

• lavender oil - 10-15 drops

• purple food coloring - 5 drops

Cinnamon Orange

bath bomb cinnamon orange

Bath bomb with orange and cinnamon oils is an excellent skin tonic and cleanser means.

• citric acid - 2 tablespoons spoons

• soda - 4 tablespoons spoons

• sea salt - 8 tablespoons spoon

• vegetal oil

• orange essential oil - 10-15 drops

• cinnamon essential oil - 5-7 drops

•orange food coloring - 5 drops

A bath bomb, in addition to its main function, will serve as an excellent decoration of the bathroom or will be a great idea for a gift. Necessarily try it!

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