Bright flowers from cones

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Cones are a versatile craft material. They can use at any time of the year! To do this, you just need to stock up pine cones, a little time and a creative mood! A flight of fancy will allow you to make an original craft to decorate your home or as a gift.

cone flowers

B depending on the color of the chosen paints, your homemade flowers will be able to convey the mood of any season. In the spring, you can use gentle pastel or even light green shades, in winter - cold, white or silvery, in summer and autumn - warm yellow, orange, red or golden. But before painting, a little preparatory work is required. work.

cone flowers

Preparing for work.

What you can't buy in the craft store these days! Even pine cones are not a problem. There they are already sorted, cleaned and washed. But if you yourself collect material in the forest or park for future crafts, then before work it must be thoroughly washed from debris and insects.

To do this, dissolve some liquid soap in a container of water. Dip all the buds in there and scrub them with a sponge or brush. Then rinse with clean water and leave to dry night.

To speed drying, you can use the oven - put the cones on a baking sheet, set the minimum temperature, open the door and dry for about hours.


What you need to work.

•10 pine cones Can be more. It all depends on the size you choose. compositions.

•white water-based paint - 100 ml It is used as a base. You can do without it, but after applying the foundation, the color you choose will lie down and hold on longer.

•coloured paints - by pack yellow, crimson, red, purple and orange You can also choose pastel colors or buy glitter paints.

•cutters - 1 PCS.

•universal glue or glue gun - 1 tube

•stem wire 10 pieces of 20 cm. Instead of wire, you can use even and notvery thick twigs.

• colored tape You will need it if you want to decorate wire different flowers.

• awl - 1 PCS.

• utility knife - 1 PCS.

• one thin brush and one wide. To create the effect of "spraying" for applying paint, you can use sponge.

•scissors - 1 PCS.

•gloves - 1-2 couples

Process creation

• Have prepared and well dried cones, cut off the petiole. This is the part that connects cone with a branch.

• Paint the bump with white base paint and let it dry.


To colorize the cones were convenient to dry, you can use coasters. make them not difficult at all. You can use a sleeve cut in half from toilet paper or disposable towels, as well as disposable cup. The size of the stand depends on the size you choose cones.

• Color the base closer to petiole in yellow, and the rest of the scales in the color that you have chosen for their flowers.

• Then cut off the top of the cone and fasten wire that will serve stem.

You can fix the wire with using glue. With an awl, make a small indentation in the top of the bud (the base of your flower), coat the tip of the wire with glue and insert it into the hole. If you use twigs as stems. Just glue them to the cut top of the bud (the base of your flower). Making a hole with an awl necessarily.

bump color

B you can always use different sizes of cones in your bouquets. add dried flowers, beautiful twigs or dried fruits. Always go to work creatively. Then your craft will be unique!

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