The history of the creation of silicone dolls

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Silicone Doll Making Craft originates in the United States of America, at the beginning 1990s. Reborn dolls follow a long tradition collectors, artists, manufacturers improve dolls for more and more realism.

B 2002 the first silicone doll was offered for sale on eBay, this event expanded the market sales.

reborn doll

The media spread the news about the dolls reborn around the world. First countries where reborning gained momentum were Australia and the UK, then the reborn doll boom moved to Canada, followed by other countries of Europe, Latin America, Africa. Become sell not only silicone dolls, but and accessories for these dolls, various tools for maintenance.

B Russian dolls appeared quite recently - in 2007-2008. Author's works just now went on sale, and also began to appear on professional exhibitions. The easiest way is to buy a "live" doll online. IN there are many fans of these products on the Internet, which are assembled in groups and share information about novelties in puppet industry.

reborn dolls in Russia

On creating a doll takes a lot of time and a lot of expensive materials. For this reason, the price of an author's doll varies from 700 to 1000 dollars for one baby.

These baby dolls are replicas of real babies. The realistic look of the toy is simply amazing. Baby dolls are characterized beautiful and natural face painting and anatomy that exactly repeats body structure of a real living child.

Products are fundamentally different from other children's toys - they look like real living children. Made only from high-quality materials, has realistic eyes, hair, sponges and other facial features. On the doll you can see a slight blush, small vessels. The paint is applied in several layers to create maximum resemblance to life man.

Also silicone dolls are sleeping (with closed eyes) and not sleeping. At The first eyes do not open, they are always closed. In general, puppets from silicone not have no functions, such as the ability to feed, urinate, voice effects, etc. However, children really like to play with them, thanks to the realism of these dolls. By the way, realism is achieved not only due to their appearance, but also due to height and weight, as similar as possible with the height and weight of living babies.

reborn doll with closed eyes

Many parents buy a doll reborn for children, as an effective substitute for a pet. Whatever it was, but it's still an ordinary doll, albeit very similar to a living person. She doesn't need to constantly monitor and care. In addition, a fashionable toy that is worth quite expensive, will immediately raise the authority of your child among friends to unprecedented height.

To mold a silicone doll, you need to be skilled in modeling. And let the silicone industry exist 30 years, in Russia it is a novelty. Silicone is definitely a material unusual, and therefore difficult to work with and sometimes unpredictable. He is wrong does not forgive. Working with him is a colossal waste of nerves and money. cons a lot, plus only one - the incredible realism of silicone dolls!

Magic Manufactory one of the first in the world to launch mass production dolls from silicone, creating qualitative, beautiful and safe product. A product that is produced in Russia and seeing which, even an adult will want to play with dolls again. But the silicone baby itself has no value. He acquires it with every stroke of the artist's brush, with the smile of an employee, carefully dressing it and packing it in a beautiful box, with your smile when you meet for the first time. This is the real Magic.

Magic Baby doll
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